Refereeing: A Global Study

As part of FIFA’s continued commitment to deliver the most authentic football experience on the market, FIFA 22 features a new officiating system which allows more flexibility in how they control the game. Referees can now officiate a match from any angle using an all-new 3D view, and will now have the ability to instantly switch to the correct view in moments of high-pressure or conflict situations.

In addition to a more intuitive, intuitive and dynamic officiating interface, FIFA 22 also features improved instant replays and an updated stat screen for objective stats. New instant replays are included for all goals, red cards and penalty decisions as well as a reworked ball mechanics system which replays the ball more naturally throughout the pitch.

MLS Connected

FIFA 21 introduced the all-new „MLS Connected” feature, a completely new way for leagues to integrate players from around the world into MLS gameplay. MLS Connected puts fans closer to the action through innovative e-Authentication technology that is unique to the league, allowing players and fans to create their personal player experiences using real MLS players, clubs and players’ likenesses. Players can play as their own personal MLS player with player-developed attributes, and can play in clubs featured in the Live Stadiums, attend player practices, watch pre-season matches and much more.

MLS Connected is now in FIFA 22 as well, allowing live players from all major men’s pro clubs in MLS to be available for custom player creation and a host of other options. In addition to the available players, club logos and kits, fans can also create a custom player from any league and set their own attributes like height, weight, number of caps or haircuts. All custom players have individual profiles and can be imported to any friend on PS4 or PC.

New Features

A large number of new features including major enhancements have been made to FUT Champions mode.

Champions Mode Online (CMON)

CMON for FIFA 21 introduced an all-new Champion Details screen to provide players with an in-depth information on every available Champion in the game. Now, CMON players can pick-up where they left off by bringing their Champions to any game, instantly creating a new game with their starter squad and players loaded in from CMON.

Champions who are not available in the CMON will be


Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as a manager and a player in the world’s most authentic, realistic football game. Gameplay is powered by real-world motion data from current and past world-class football players.
  • Create an entirely new club and begin your journey as a Pro.
  • Design your logo and kits in a new Club Creator – new Club details including squad, staff, stadium, fans and more.
  • Build your matchday squad from a variety of talented, licensed Real Teams.
  • Balancing Co-Op and Online Teams.
  • New International Friendlies.
  • Live the Pro Game – high-intensity full-contact gameplay from a variety of environments including indoor and outdoor stadiums.
  • Switch fields with ease – in-game shapes and styles change on the fly in accordance with the time of day or weather conditions.
  • Get to the heart of the game – the new EA SPORTS Ignite Engine is up to two times faster than last generation, bringing you more game modes, controls, animations, and player movements.
  • New FIFA 12 audio – become immersed in the match through new crowd support and epic atmospheres including the most authentic-feeling group of chants ever created.
  • Draft Champions League and Europe Leagues, as well as the new FIFA Ultimate League – zero-gravity ball control and accurate strikes with new game mechanics that build from FIFA 11.
  • Create your own Goal of the Season – select your favourite goal from the last 12 months and try to emulate its brilliance yourself in the FIFA World Challenge.
  • Football Stars come to life – a new post-match presentation featuring dynamic game highlights and player statistics gives your match more replay value, and a new, wider-ranging post-match highlights presentation provides a smoother, more entertaining recap.
  • Head-to-Head Seasons – Enjoy all the thrill of FIFA Ultimate Team, every year.
  • Brand-new animations – everything now moves and reacts in visual harmony with your game. From sweeping touches to hard-won headers, tackle animations and goal celebrations; from passing and dribbling your way out of trouble to sky-high goals and the expansive celebrations they inspire.
  • Featuring FM4


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    EA SPORTS FIFA is the brand name of a series of soccer video games published and distributed worldwide by Electronic Arts. The most recent installment in the series is the FIFA franchise, an annual series of soccer video games with the tagline „Prepare for Glory” and a cover of a classic, „the game that changed the world.” The FIFA series is the most popular video game franchise in the world, with over 150 million sales worldwide.

    What is the FIFA series?

    The FIFA series of soccer video games was first released in August 1991 for the PC and remains the most popular soccer video game series with over 150 million sales worldwide. Each annual release in the series features enhancements to the overall gameplay, dynamic presentation, and even the video game’s aesthetics. The most recent installment in the series, FIFA 19, was released in September 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The next installment, FIFA 22, will be released in November 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

    Why is EA SPORTS FIFA so popular?

    The FIFA series is the most popular soccer video game series in the world, with over 150 million sales worldwide, and the most popular video game franchise of all time.

    Who are the developers of the FIFA series?

    The developers of the FIFA series, Electronic Arts, are a leading global interactive entertainment publisher of software and games, and a premier leader in sports video games. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, EA is recognized for a portfolio of first-class brands including The Sims™, Madden NFL, EA SPORTS™ FIFA, EA SPORTS™ FIFA Manager, EA SPORTS™ UFC, Need for Speed™, Battlefield, and EA SPORTS™ PGA TOUR. EA posted net revenues of $4.5 billion in fiscal year 2017. More information about EA is available at

    How is the FIFA series made?

    The development process of the FIFA series includes several months of playtesting in real-world game-play environments. All game modes have to go through rigorous playtesting to ensure that the core mechanics of the game are tight, that it is fun to play, and that the game balances the competitive strength of players of differing skill levels. Most importantly, the teams and play styles of FIFA must remain true to the essence of soccer as a global sport.

    In order to enhance the overall gameplay of each game mode, the dev team for each FIFA game features top real-world football players


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    For the first time ever, FIFA Ultimate Team is fully integrated into the game. In addition to playing the real tournament through the game, you will also be able to fill your squad with your FIFA Ultimate Team card collection. Be quick to build, trade, and match cards to develop your team and compete against your friends using the latest tactics, formations, and strategy in the game’s brand-new card game. You will also be able to earn and exchange coins to strengthen your Ultimate Team, as well as win packs that include brand new cards to help you build your team.

    Play Now with FIFA Ultimate League – Compete against your friends in this new, innovative offline feature that lets you create and join a team in a global pro league, and then take your squad online into the game.

    FIFA Mobile –
    For the first time ever, EA SPORTS FIFA is bringing in an entirely new way to play the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise. FIFA Mobile will offer players a whole new way to play the FIFA franchise. Football gamers will now be able to take control of their FIFA favorite clubs and players, and drive the game to glory with powerful 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 online and offline friendlies.

    Ultimate Team –
    Earn, collect and trade more than 10 million digital cards, featuring the latest, greatest players, jerseys, and boots, in a fantasy soccer environment that never ends. Seamlessly connect your real-world FIFA Ultimate Team to the game and earn new cards, including cards from FIFA Mobile.

    Key Features:

    Key Game Features:

    The FIFA experience – For the first time, FIFA fans will be able to play the FIFA experience in the most authentic way ever, featuring improved corner and free kicks, enhanced ball physics, more skilled players, a brand new commentary team, and commentary options including subs and real-time pausing!

    Skill Moves – Create new moves by mimicking the real-world skills of some of the best players in the world, including Ronaldo, Neymar, Messi, Suarez, Willian, Paul Pogba, Rakitic, Hector Bellerin, and others. (Game Modes that use Skill Moves such as Co-op Seasons will be playable in co-op mode in addition to single-player campaigns. Co-op Seasons is available in Special Edition only.)

    New Co-operative Play – Up to four new ways to play: Co-op Seasons, Franchise, Online Tournaments and VS Rivals (


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • Introducing the Innovation Lab, an all-new feature that lets players create, improve, and evolve their own distinct playing styles using powerful new game modes, items, and themes that will inspire players to find new and surprising ways to master the game.
    • New ways for players to experience the world of FIFA, from game modes and online customization to an endless array of quick-fire match modes.
    • Enhanced and refined gameplay on the hardest of surfaces. The inclusion of Ultra HD graphics gives fans the opportunity to experience some of the most detailed looking football (soccer) ever.
    • New ways to compete socially. In addition to Ultimate Team, FIFA 22 will be the first sports title to feature Progressive Download, which enables online gameplay on a variety of connected devices.
    • New features that apply to the entirety of the game – like new custom kits, new animated celebrations, in-depth commentary, and dynamic goal celebrations—enrich players’ gameplay no matter what their role.
    • A brand-new look that will make your gameplay feel fresh.
    • Improved player visuals, animated celebrations and celebrations, and physics-based collisions for a much more responsive and authentic-feeling gameplay experience.
    • 14 leagues, over 200 real club captains, more than 100 real club badges, over 100 authentic kits, and more.
    • Awesome new features to deliver a thrilling and authentic game experience on portable devices.
    • Players are dynamic. Change the way you take the pitch with new skills, keep track of skills with new proficiencies and be crowned the world’s best with the new Face of FIFA!
    • Specific upgrades when working and standing still.
    • New and enhanced gameplay features to create an incredible new level of FIFA gameplay, both on and offline.
    • The most authentic-feeling gameplay on console, on Xbox One X, and on select PC titles using PhysX technology.
    • Three difficulty levels that offer new challenges, helping players of all skill levels improve their game in new and exciting ways.
    • New Custom Player. Customise the performance and look of your chosen footballer in your FIFA 22 game with new player balance, speed and movement. Critiques from coaches around the globe to create


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      FIFA is an authentic football simulation game from Electronic Arts which was previously known as FIFA Soccer, FIFA 99 or FIFA: The Best. Being one of the biggest football simulation games available, it is famous all around the world for delivering the ultimate football experience.

      There are a number of main features that set FIFA apart from other football video games that are available. These include a huge 3D game engine which allows the player to take control of players and manage their tactics and training programs, realistic crowds, clubs, transfers, dribbling, passing, shooting, and tackling. Players can freely roam the pitch and create their own highlight reel with the improved 3D presentation.

      FIFA is designed to allow users to relive the very emotions experienced in watching a football match. The game uses the latest in audio, animation and interactive media and incorporates the dynamic crowd interaction seen in live football matches.

      It is licensed by the world’s governing body for football (FIFA), which is a branch of the Union of European Football Associations. FIFA is a video game geared towards young generations around the world. The game is developed by Electronic Arts (EA) and developed by EA Canada.

      History of the Franchise

      The history of FIFA is one which has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs over the years and many different things to consider when discussing the current version and previous ones. This article will be looking at the history of the game, the current and previous versions and the history of FIFA on the personal computer.

      When FIFA was first released, the only ways of playing were on CD or CD-ROM. Much like the early days of computer games, players had to purchase a basic copy and then would have to buy additional licenses for the individual games they wanted to play. This is similar to how console games worked back in the 1990’s.

      This meant that the game would be accessible to only the most hardcore of players who would have to do a lot of reading and understanding of the software. The good thing was that the software was cheap with many games at around $30. This was great for those looking to try the game out and eventually build up a collection of games to be able to play when they were ready to purchase a computer.

      There were limitations though, as the first edition lacked the most important feature of any game at the time. This was the ability to play against the CPU opponents or human player, commonly known as computer controlled or computer gamers. This feature


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