AEC 3D Culverts-Box is a practical and reliable utility that comes in handy for civil engineers who need to analyze and create highway, bridge and railway drawings.
The application seamlessly integrates within AutoCAD and provides you with a wide range of useful features for precise design, planning, analysis and production of 3D and 2D drawings.







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This powerful 3D modeling software can be used by road, railway, maritime and aerospace engineers, as well as general contractors and design professionals. Engineered lines, lights, wings and complex cable patterns can be easily modeled with a straightforward point-and-click interface. You can also quickly add properties to your objects, such as area, position, size, density, permeability, and perform a variety of calculations including volume, mass and area calculation.

Included features:
✔ 5000 products
✔ 1 billion anchors
✔ 50+ co-ordinates
✔ 4+ 10 mile radius search
✔ 20+ databases
✔ 30 million records
✔ Zoom-to-Center and Sorting
✔ Auto-Move
✔ Good for Construction Sites
✔ 3D and 2D Cadastre Drawings
✔ Bridge, Beam, Culvert, Platform, Rail, Slope and Tunnel Drawings
✔ AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Inventor, Revit, Autodesk Technical Suite and other Architectural and MEP software
✔ Export to DXF
✔ Generate and Edit (Curves, Lines, Polygons, Stencils, Layers, Text, Symbols and Extrusion)
✔ Construction Site Management and Management
✔ Export to DWG
✔ Multiple outputs: MS Office, PDF, Excel
✔ Export to DWG
✔ Import from DWG
✔ Auto Import
✔ Import All Traces
✔ Import All Edges
✔ Import All Lines and Polygons
✔ Import All Symbols and Extrusion
✔ Import All Text
✔ Import All Layers
✔ Import All Curves, Ribs and Blocks
✔ Import All 3D Objects
✔ Import All Frames
✔ Export All Objects from/to DWG
✔ Drag & Drop Copy and Paste
✔ Roll and drag configuration (ROLL AND DROP)
✔ Drag-and-drop configuration of all the objects of the same category
✔ Extrude and Autocad aligning
✔ Add-ons can be viewed in the attached files
✔ Ability to view and customize all the categories of objects
✔ Export DWG, DXF and other formats for load in AutoCAD
✔ Edit/Create the categories of the objects (color, angle, size, shape

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Other versions:
AEC 3D Culverts-Box Extension Tools version
AEC 3D Culverts-Box Export / Import version
AEC 3D Culverts-Box Side by Side Viewing version
AEC 3D Culverts-Box Angle Viewing version
AEC 3D Culverts-Box Hot Corner Viewing version

Let’s start with a test drive:

Additional information:

AEC 3D Culverts-Box also called “AEC 3D Elevation Tool”, is a new and improved version of AEC 3D’s “Culvert Interface” that has been designed to function as a standalone application.CALGARY – Albertans love their hockey. And they have a passionate interest in the NHL’s Calgary Flames, who are set to make a Canadian debut in the 2020 Winter Olympics.

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AEC 3D Culverts-Box Crack + Free Download

– Create 3D models
– Strive for precision and reliability
– Full control and high quality results
– Seamlessly integrate into AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT
– Add to favorites for convenient switching
– New! Save and restore color profiles
– Save favorite scales to speed up future work
– Access and edit TAB layouts
– New! Use the draping window for 3D objects to see the sloped surfaces
– Export to all popular file formats (2D, DXF, DWG, DWG, DGN, PDF, EPS, XDWG, JPG and PNG)
– Use any solid line that you need for contours (12 and 48 style)
– Auto-angle the surface when you create a line on an object
– Import from many popular file formats, including many objects, layers and styles
– Import from TAB files
– Import paths, lines, arcs and text strings
– Combine objects into polylines and polylines into surfaces
– Minimize gaps, shrink collars and evenly merge parts
– Simulate physics with 8 types of rotation to support mobile devices
– Move models and text strings with the move tool
– Save time with the Snap to Surface feature
– Clip, pull, and copy objects, groups of objects, and Text strings
– Access a variety of filters for clarity
– Adjust properties of 3D models
– Edit or delete groups of models
– Use the line tool to draw everything, and use the digitizing tools to create points and lines.
– Use the „Grab Style” property to pick and copy objects’ styles
– Edit or change the style of an object
– Export the style information to its own folder
– Assign styles to groups of objects and to objects selectively
– Style surface geometry by surface shape and surface attributes
– Calculate the distance between objects, along with the total length and width
– Export a grouped surface to a file.
– Import a surface from a file
– Easily cut out the content of the file
– Display the surface in front, back, top, bottom, left and right
– Split groups into individual parts
– Use the surface/grouping properties to select or hide parts
– Use the „Simulate Physics” to set parameters for 8 types of rotation of the models
– Set up the rotation point: use a normal point, a point of intersection of two planes, or the space between two planes

What’s New In AEC 3D Culverts-Box?

[EN] With 2D+3D AutoCAD 2017 3D CAD is a convenient tool for architects and civil engineers. It enables the quick and accurate creation of technical drawings, documents, presentations, and other 2D drawings. It takes full advantage of the 2D+3D environment.
AutoCAD 3D offers the following functions: 3D web browser, 3D print and plotter, 3D drafting and design, 3D rendering, 3D measurement, 3D modeling, 3D plotting and plotting, 3D project management, etc.
[FR] Avec CAD AutoCAD 2017, 2D+3D 3D CAD est une application facile à utiliser pour architectes et ingénieurs civils. Elle vous permet d’imprimer rapidement et de prélever une courte documentation de 2D d’architecture et design pour des architectures statiques, dynamiques et autres architectures en 3D.
Avec CAD AutoCAD 2017 vous disposez de ces fonctions : Navigation Web 3D, Prévisualisation et imprimerie 3D, Analyses 3D, Modelage 3D, Visualisation 3D, Prise en charge et Planification 3D, Projets 3D.
CAD AutoCAD 2017 Description:

[EN] ArcGIS for Mac 16.0 is the industry’s leading 2D and 3D spatial data solution that allows you to build and share spatial data as a service through a flexible, reliable, and powerful geodatabase. And with new 3D engine technology, ArcGIS lets you quickly create and manage 3D data from 2D, 3D models, and data.
[FR] ArcGIS for Mac 16.0 est l’application spatiale de référence qui permet de construire et de partager des données spatiales à partir d’une base de données géographique, numérique et spatiale flexible, fiable et puissante. Avec le nouveau moteur 3D, ArcGIS permet de rapatment des données de 3D depuis des modèles de données 2D, modèles de données 3D, ou des données 3D en tant qu’œuvres 3D.

System Requirements For AEC 3D Culverts-Box:

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