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EasySky Crack Free Download is the most advanced space application in the world! It is developed by a team of astronomers with over 20 years of experience in Star Gazing.
The application offers the easiest, fastest and most accurate access to the sky with multiple document interfaces (MDI) and 1 million objects in a database (GSC, NGC, Messier). No other program offers you a view so detailed and accurate.
EasySky includes a very powerful object predictor and in addition the most accurate way to calculate satellites and moon orbits. Also the planet’s path is more realistic than any other program. Easysky includes a vast range of objects such as moons, comets, and the asteroid belt and it also shows the orbital models in the solar system. Easysky offers you the most extensive star catalog which includes over 8,000 and 340,000 stars. Easysky uses stellar magnitudes supplied by the Tycho Catalog.
The user can precisely calculate the position and magnitude of any object at any time. There are more than 400 million objects in Easysky’s GSC and these can be searched by object type (star, star, planet, comets, etc.). Easysky supports the modern photometric filter technology (DIMM, LINEAR, SDSS, QFITS, etc.). The objects can be easily found in every faint field. Easysky has a powerful and extremely accurate object predictor which allows you to find objects precisely.
The Easysky, telescope, and sky viewing applications should become part of your equipment on your PC. The Star Gazing applications are a joy to use. Easysky is very easy to use: no education is necessary. It is designed to provide an easy, intuitive, and comprehensive way to access the sky.
Simple easy-to-use settings allow you to set the star limits to suit your circumstances. The user can enter horizon settings on any place in the world (mountains, houses,…) and easily fix the object at the center of the window. Easysky supports observer-specific objects which gives you the opportunity to search for your own objects.
EasySky offers a wide range of settings to automatically activate all filters and correct the artifacts that occur. You can freely define the time interval for the calculation of objects (every hour, day, month) and calculate the ephemerides for hundreds of objects. You can also freely define the time interval for the calculation of the asteroid orbits (every hour, day, month) and calculate the ephemer

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■ „EasySky Cracked Accounts” (astronomy software) is an outstanding astronomy software that will show you the complete night sky and our solar system in a 3D view with the planets, comets, and asteroids from any place at any time.
■ You can also visualize the lunar surface from any point at any time.
■ “EasySky Product Key” also provides a 3D view of the solar system and the planets and some deep-sky objects. It is a lot more than that!
■ “EasySky Product Key” is a powerful program with a very intuitive user interface and an easy to handle database of thousands of stars.
■ It is as easy to use as it is to use.
■ “EasySky” goes back to the early days of astronomy and will show you the night sky and our solar system. This software is already more than 15 years old.
■ “EasySky” is the best solution for astronomy-enthusiasts who want to plan their observation program and want to be involved in the development of new astronomical software!
■ It is much more than an astronomy calculator, but no substitution for real astronomy as a hobby!
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EasySky With Full Keygen Download

EasySky is a powerful astronomical software, which also displays the night sky in real time.
EasySky features the following advantages compared to other applications:

Show the night sky as it appears in reality, with the milky way a distinguishable white band through the night sky.

No limits regarding the display resolution, number of objects or sky background (except maybe if you create an own object database with the user objects, which are all located in the space).

Sky View:
Great display of the entire sky (no galaxy, no constellation boundaries).

Swim along the milky way; see the stars and nebulae from any place.

System View:
Colorful display of the planets, satellites, Comets, asteroids, etc.

High-resolution and color display of the objects.

Atmospheric effects, deformation of the earth and the moon, meteors, etc.

Whole sky in real time

Great potential

Many images of galaxies, planets – „slide show”

Realistic display by the use of grey levels

Full dimension view

Import and export of astronomical data

Standardized terminology

Many settings of the system

Settings can be saved as documents and later be loaded again

All created objects are automatically saved in the database and the root can be located

Automatic calculation of ephemerides

Extensive use of double precision calculation (precision of 13 decimal places)

Calculates all positions up to the time of each individual object

High performance with a performance that is comparable to professional packages

Full space object database for 24 hrs and many millions of objects

Reference to the 4th edition of the „Handbuch der Astronomie” (in print)

Daily ephemerides of the entire sky

Complete support of the IAU (International Astronomical Union) convention (isogammaconventions.com)

Tendency adjustment in the database

Change view to a global view (constellations, galaxy)

EasySky is an outstanding astronomy software that will show you the complete night sky and our solar system in a 3D view with the planets, comets, and asteroids from any place at any time.
Here are some key features of „EasySky”:
■ Multiple Document Interface (MDI) – more than one window simultaneously
■ Huge database

What’s New in the?

EasySky (Multi-Window Astronomy Software) is a free 3D astronomy program (demo version also available) that allows you to view the night sky from virtually any point in the sky. The simulation is based on the „Great Square of Pegasus” database from the Sternberg Astronomical Institute, and the whole sky is then displayed with 20 m resolution, even when you have only 20 m in the direction of the zenith.
EasySky includes an astronomy program that can be used in several different ways.
You can look at objects from any position in the sky with 3D-viewing; alternatively, 3D-viewing can be turned off to make the program easier to use.
You can look at some objects in the sky from any position at any time using animation; this includes display of the Earth and its moon, the sun and its planets and the fixed stars.
EasySky includes a solar system display, in which you can simulate the movements of the planets in the solar system.
In addition, the program includes a 3D representation of the sky, in which you can view galaxies and the constellations with numerous galaxies or thousands of stars.
EasySky is a program that is ideal for beginners, and it also offers a lot of possibilities for advanced users.

SkyGlobe is a program to view and to navigate celestial objects from any position in the sky and at any time. The program consists of several modules which are combined together by a sophisticated interface.

SkyGlobe has the following features:
(1) A Dynamic Module, which displays the sky or the visible parts of the sky at any time
(2) A GPS Module, which displays the Earth, a celestial object, the celestial sphere or a planet
(3) A Spatial Module, which displays the Sky, Sun, the Moon and the planets (sunspots) and, besides, the Sun, the Moon and the planets (sunspots) and the Almanac (Moon phase, tides of the oceans, etc.).
(4) A Time Module, which displays the time in local, in local and galactic time, and in universal time.
(5) A Calendar Module, which displays the month and date in the local time and on the celestial globe.
(6) A Navigation Module, which displays the lunar phases and provides instant access to data on the sky for every minute of the night.
(7) A Star Chart Module, which depicts the stars from any


System Requirements For EasySky:

Supported Windows OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Hardware Requirements:
Processor: 1 GHz or faster
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce or ATI Radeon GPU
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible sound card
Hard Disk: 2 GB available space
Video: DirectX 9.0 Compatible video card with at least 1024×768 resolution
Recommended Requirements:
Processor: 2 GHz or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: nV