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When you are to get married or are engaged, the most important thing is your dream of your life partner. When a guy loves another girl and sets his eyes on her, he must be thinking of what she will be like. Often, men are attracted to women who are themselves attracted to guys.

As a man, you will want to learn about every aspect of her by asking her lots of questions like her name, how old she is, what her education level is, what is her profile and much more. In the same way, you will want to learn about her and her family by asking her questions.

It will be wise for you to ask her what she likes about you and how would you like to be treated in her presence.

You must also learn how to communicate with her and make her feel all-warm and alluring.

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Everyone desires a happy life, and the happiness and contentment a man hopes for, especially when he is young, is to find his life partner. If it is a girl, he would want to marry her and if he loves a woman, he wants to get married to her.

As a boy, however, what does a young man think about and dream of?

What kind of girl would he want to marry and why?

Who would be his type of girl and why?

What kind of girl would he like to have sex with and why?

What kind of girl does he want to spend his life with and why?

These are the things that a young man does want to know and think about.

How can you gain this knowledge?

You can gain this knowledge by talking to girls and boys.

Asking people is a great way to know what they are looking for in a person. Therefore, it is a simple job for you to learn about girls and find her type by asking questions.

You can learn a lot about the girls you talk to by asking her questions.

If you are lucky, you will get a chance to talk to someone who has already found her life partner. To help you, look at the different types of girls. Find out what she likes about him and you should be on your way to finding a perfect girl.

You can write a letter and hand it over to the person you are interested in asking her about her life.

If you are lucky enough and

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