Roblox gives people of all ages and skill levels the power to create their own games and play them on any device. With Roblox you can make your own games or play games made by the community, in addition to over 100k games in our game library.
CREATE YOUR OWN GAMES – In Roblox you can create your own games based on concepts you’ve always wanted, or use our intuitive game editor to build any game you can imagine.
JOIN A COMMUNITY OF MILLIONS – Play with millions of other users on any device at home, school, or on the go. Play games with your friends, join or make a club, and get rewards just for playing games on Roblox.
OVER 100,000 GAMES – With games for every interest and age, you will find something you love on Roblox.

Gameplay [ edit ]
The player controls a cube through an environment with a variety of customizable blocks and shapes; some of these blocks are intended for special use. As the player moves the cube, it may avoid collision with the blocks, or instead may be slowed or bumped. The goal of the game is to guide the player’s cube to a target destination, after which it disappears and a bonus is awarded.
Blocks may be manipulated via touch, turning them to the desired position. Manipulated blocks can also be dropped and scattered in the same manner as the blocks in Tetris. The speed of the blocks can be increased or decreased by pressing in the block’s direction of movement. Dropped blocks will rearrange any blocks they touch.
One of the most important aspects of the game is placing blocks in a fashion to cover space in the way that will create the least number of gaps. Manipulating the blocks with the touchscreen takes a non-linear approach, as missing blocks can be constantly swapped until the algorithm finds an arrangement of blocks that cannot be improved upon.
A game can be played in a single session with a single player, or the game can have multi-player functionality, allowing players to compete in real time against each other.

In addition to the Tetris gameplay and block manipulation, the player also faces a time limit of one minute, after which he or she loses the game.
The player can win by completing a level, or by finishing a time.

Statistics [ edit ]
The game is the first of its kind that created by Roblox.


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