The app for all things builders. Create your own games, apps, and websites or edit other people’s games, apps, and websites using Roblox Studio.
– Over 164+ Million Players
– Team up with your friends to play games together, compete against others in multiplayer mode, or go solo against AI opponents
– Programming is Easy – Use a Python-like language to build games using Roblox Studio or modify games with game assets stored in the cloud
– Use powerful tools to create professional-looking games, apps, and websites, with free and paid upgrades for even more features
– Organize your games and apps on your website with a free and easy-to-use web app or use the complete Roblox SDK to build your own immersive websites
– Turn your mobile device into an interactive game controller

Solve the puzzle and see how many you have solved! Can you find all the pieces?

Wemu Word Math is a challenging, fun game of word-building and puzzle solving.

With the help of Wemu, letter-building and puzzling games are blended together to create a unique word-building and puzzle-solving experience.


* Fun word-building

* Play it with two smartphones and create a word by combining two letters that are displayed on both phones.

* Sliders and sliders, everywhere

* Clever puzzles, with a little help from Wemu.

„This application is a wonderful demo of the power of the engine. It is fun to play, and it was very easy to design and build.”

“This is a pretty clever concept, at the least, and also has the potential to be more. The interface is excellent, and it’s both on Android and iOS. It’s got a fair amount of potential, but perhaps not quite enough, right now.” – Reddit app of the week, Android version of the week, Game of the week, Gameweek app of the week

Say „good bye” to ethereal creatures! Now you can hunt them down and help them cross over into the other realm.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gamer, take advantage of new features, such as the new leaderboards and achievements, and participate in a free-for-all dogfighting and monster killing challenge!

* 3 difficulty settings: easy, medium, hard
* 5 different arenas – now you can fight


Features Key:


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