Tropico 6 Trainer ^NEW^


Tropico 6 Trainer

tropico is one of the most recognized games, appearing in magazines and tv-shows all around the world. tropico 6 is a complete remake of the game, with several interesting features like:

  • immersive camera that can make some great screenshots;
  • new type of missions;
  • new buildings and resources;
  • new units;
  • more details;
  • more fun!

this is a fork of the tropico 5 trainer. tropico 6 has many new features and was not easy to port some of the features from tropico 5. it was also necessary to change the basic logic to make it work with the logic of the new game.

after installation you can run the game in the folder c:\program files\tropico 6\tropico 6.exe for windows and /opt/tropico 6/tropico 6.exe for linux. use the shortcut to launch the game with your own scenario. tropico 5 trainer can be used to save your scenarios and your progress.

you can add scenarios to the game with the tropico 5 editor. it is possible to use the editor to play with scenarios that are not in the game. to use the editor you need to have the tropico 5 trainer plugin installed.

note: the trainer might be installed into your game directory or into a separate directory. make sure that the trainer is accessed via the correct directory and that the trainer file is not read-only. you can change this in the trainer’s properties.

note: the trainer is a multitask trainer. if you add the trainer to your game directory and start a game, the trainer will be used automatically. the trainer will be loaded into your game before the game starts and will run in the background until you close your game.

The trainer comes with a map and a game.txt file. The map is highly editable and you can change it to anything you like, even add cities and islands. I have a large map that is the default.txt on the trainer (many GBs). You can use it, or edit it and use it as the main map, or use the map on the trainer.txt file. The second file has the cheats for all the options listed on the trainer, and a few more. If you want to know what command a certain option does, just enter it on the trainer, some of the descriptions are quite long though.
The trainer uses a client.txt file, which is the same as default.txt, but you have to change the name in the trainer options screen and you have to change the client.txt to whatever you want the instance name to be.
The trainer uses a main.conf file. This file just sets up the default option. The default option is the one selected when starting the trainer. For that you need to set the server to 1 (since it is the only one). You can edit the server number to make other options be used.
The trainer uses a mtocrd.txt file. Most cheats require you to put their parameters in here. For most cheats, these are just the default value. The auto cheat doesn’t work in all cases, so you need to configure it.
The trainer uses a 0x006000.rsc file. This contains every area on the map. Some of the fields are not meant to be edited by the player, so if you change them without updating the map, the game won’t play as expected. So you can do some things like change the areas that can be developed but cannot built on, or change the cities that a government type is allowed on.