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if software are used by a business you should purchase a licence for each user on the individual basis. use a separate software for each user. if the software is shared or used by more than one user on the same network, the same licence must be purchased for each user.

you may use the software for time or office use only. if you purchase a licence for your business you must use the software for all business purposes and you must use it full time and not on a trial basis.

software is protected by copyright laws and international treaties. you may not use our copyright material in any way other than permitted under the licence. you may not redistribute software without permission.

truecafe is a premium web-based, pay once for one time use, fully managed internet cafe automation, software that caters for all requirement of small business (internet cafe). truecafe is designed to interface with any pc and to ensure your equipment (pc and it’s connections) that are in use by customers are locked in a secure environment, allowing users to play games and use the internet/forum without fear of being hacked.

truecafe installation package is made by our own developers to get the best results. this way, truecafe can be used with all browsers on all operating systems. truecafe has been tested thoroughly with various browsers and operating systems and no issues have been found.

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here you can choose how much money the customer will pay for printing, adding products to cart, and using the chat:fixed price – never show this option. if the customer buys something and enters a time, this price is already added.
you must be 18 and over to download this software. this software is not subject to the eula, eu directive, or other terms that restrict or limit use of computer software. you may: use the software only in your jurisdiction; use the software for your internal use only; use the software for noncommercial use only; use the software to develop a derivative work; and transfer the software to other sites, provided the software remains available through the global zone part of you may not: use the software to enable others to circumvent our security or other technological protection measures; use the software to distribute viruses, trojan horses, worms, or any other malicious software; use the software to infringe our copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or other intellectual property rights; use the software to harm minors in any way; sell the software in any form without our written permission; use the software to collect information about users without their knowledge or consent; sublicense the software; use the software for purposes of fraud or deception; or restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the software.
licences & serial number: if you need to download software you must purchase a licence. all licences for truecafe have serial number, it will help you to keep track of your licence should it be lost. once you have registered and purchased the license a serial number will be emailed to your account. you will need this to install the software.