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Wooden Kinetic Sculpture Plans.pdf

It is very, very hard to go wrong with wooden kinetic sculptures, as long as you’re willing to put in a lot of time and effort. The difficulty with making one out of wood is that it’s not a very hard material, so tools can easily wear out. In the case of this wood sculpture, a lot of the movement is accomplished through one solid piece of wood, which is removed from the area of the cam.

Wooden kinetics are a handy way to amuse yourself on a rainy day. Plastic mini figures come to life when plugged in and charged using a circuit board that holds the microprocessor, and provides a charging system, motor, and battery. The figurines can even self-perform comical dances that require both music and charging.

The most fun thing about this one, is that you can buy the plan and make it yourself (or you could use some of these plans and then order a kit). Wooden Kinetics can be found at Rick from a Robot on Etsy. It’s made from a single piece of wood which drives a pair of cams that move the paddles in a horizontal and vertical movement. A spring is used to return the paddles to their original position.

Other kinetic objects that could be crafted from wood are a lot of pulleys and levers that move as cams rotate to stop the pulleys and levers. Once again, the wood would have to be a sturdy wood with the proper grain to hold all of the machine up. Molding would also be a necessary skill.

The mechanical sculptures below show that the root of the project is a metal gear. Great gear generators are available online to create their own gear templates using only a few measurements. Below we have a very high-tech gear that runs off a set of cams. The cams in this little robot drive a pair of gears that are actually belt-driven. The chain of pulleys powers the brass gears as they drive the linear motor.

After a quick reading of the plans, we think they will definitely put the BladeRunner to the test. It will be interesting to find out just how far we can push the machine. We are certain that it will be able to handle the simpler cuts, but we may need to up our game for making the more intricate gears. Before proceeding with the builds, we are going to explore some other options (scroll saws, CNC routers, etc…). These projects look to be really fun to build. We hope you will follow along, get inspired, and perhaps give wooden clock building a try yourselves! [Permalink] – Clayton Boyer: Clock Designer
In contrast to other construction kits for kids, we have decided to limit ourselves to the very simple designs. The idea is to have the child follow a step by step procedure without overwhelming him with too many options and possible causes of failures. We envision kids as tinkerers who are more interested in the mechanical aspect rather than too much complicated software programming. We love the way we can inspire curiosity and encourage kids to try and solve problems which they may not be able to do otherwise. Our goal here is to give them a chance to design and build their own kinetic sculpture.
Similar to other UGEARS construction kits for adults, 3D wooden puzzles and wooden insect toys, the mechanical butterfly is powered by a rubber band motor, not batteries! All our wooden models for adults are made of high-quality plywood using precise laser-cut technology. We care about the Earth, so our mechanical kits leave no heavy residue behind.