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I want to ask about the following:

how to transfer a word file document directly on server, though the only url to download is the document docx on the server.

I tried to use the word document, but it just doesn’t transfer the file (which shows a saved file).

Uploading the document didn’t work, I suspect it is because of my hosting service.Q:

Linq to Entities : How do I exclude records with a certain condition in the where clause?

I have the following code
var licenses = from l in db.Licenses
where l.LicenseTypeId == 1 || l.LicenseTypeId == 2 || l.LicenseTypeId == 3
select new ApplicationLicense
LicenseID = l.LicenseID,
LicenseExpirationDate = l.LicenseExpirationDate

and I know that I should be able to do something like this
var licenses = from l in db.Licenses
where ((l.LicenseTypeId == 1) || (l.LicenseTypeId == 2))
select new ApplicationLicense