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ghost recon advanced warfighter was developed by ubisoft studio cologne in conjunction with ubisoft bucharest. it was released on the playstation 3 and xbox 360 in november 2007. the wii version was released in europe and north america in 2008.

this game was released on october 30, 2008, and it is the 2nd game of this series. tom clancy’s ghost recon: advanced warfighter was released in 2007, and this game is an improvement of the previous game.

ghost recon: advanced warfighter 2 is part of the new series of tom clancy games, which has been developed by raven software. the game is set in the future and in the year 2015. the game offers a futuristic setting and the gameplay is high-end fps (first person shooter). this game is a sequel to the game tom clancy’s ghost recon advanced warfighter.

on the other hand, tom clancy’s ghost recon: advanced warfighter 2 is still a modern military shooter. the action of the game is based on a series of missions, which are updated weekly. the player can also jump into a campaign mode, which is updated daily. the player controls the actions of the captain mitchell (who has already played in the previous game), but he is also a non-player character who can be used in several missions, such as the ones where he has to save the president of the united states. in addition, the player can also use non-player characters, who are allies of mitchell’s. they are able to assist in the battles, and can be used at the command of the player.

the ghost recon advanced warfighter 2 has three worlds, which are the us, central and latin america. the first world is the us, where the game starts, and the other two worlds are the other areas of the united states. the first mission of the game, as previously mentioned, is to protect the president of the united states, whose plane is shot down. the player then has to use his skills to defeat the enemy and rescue the president. the game has more than 15 missions.