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What are the differences between the different options?

I recently tried installing Ubuntu 12.04 on my system, but when I choose to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 8.1, I was presented with the following options:

Ubuntu with Windows
Ubuntu without Windows
Advanced options for Ubuntu

The latter two options seem to be more customizable, but I’m not sure what the benefits are. For example, in the first option, I get a Linux partition in the beginning of the disk and no Windows, whereas in the second, I still have Windows. Which of these options is best for beginners?


The difference is in the order. It is created in this order.

The Linux partition, with some reserved space and an EFI boot partition. If you have Windows already installed, Ubuntu will default to using that partition for the operating system.
The Windows partition. It will see what is on the EFI partition and will store its own boot loader there.
The rest of the space on the disk. This will be where the Ubuntu installation