Trainer For Stronghold 3 V 1.10.27781

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Just in case people are still having issues with the trainer for Stronghold 3 from Moshpit Games.
I’ve been trying to get a hold of Moshpit to see if I can fix the issues.
I hope to get back to updating the trainer very soon.

Fantasy Trainer!

If you like my info and wanna see more i upload them!

Fantasy Trainer for Dota 2 (1.2.5)
The fantasy trainer for dota 2 is now a 1.1 version.
Its been a long time coming.
Thanks to everyone who has supported me with this project.
I get to use every cent you guys spend on me.
This one is a big step up from the older versions.
The newest version of the tracker includes many new things.
With some basicly done by hand,
It will give you every point of the game in an easy to read and understand manner.
– The amount of points in a category is based on the column size.
– To see all player stats click the title bar you see.
– For easy access to the amount of points of each category click the numbers at the left top of the name.

DOTA2 Trainer – V.0.001
The first public update!
Its been a long wait so there’s alot to explain in detail.
A big thanks goes out to:
– Themstill29
– Sackrider for beta test testing (jeff the mechanic)
– Galactus for help with some small issues.
I’ve got a new job now, so the next update wont be for dota 2 for a while.
But just incase you cant wait to see what’s new.
Here’s the story:
The story starts with a blue elf
Who has a problem with too much power.
He starts a journey to find the green dragon.
Cause he wants to destroy his way of life.
Sorry for going off topic here.
Another thing to keep in mind.
Because its called the fantasy trainer when it comes to it.
So lets get started.
General Stats
– Stat Category – Click on the category that says fantasy, if you cant find it click the title bar.
– Stat column – Hover over the stat column a box will show up with the amount of points for that stat.
– The name of