speed through projects faster. create pdf documents. enhance images. and save time using tools to manage your design projects and images. and harness the power of the cloud to store your files in the cloud so you can access them anywhere.

adobe indesign® cs6 is a professional tool for managing content, including editing documents and pages, making and saving templates, and working with graphics. and now it’s even faster. with new intelligent systems that learn to anticipate the way you work and apply the right functionality and tools. quickly learn the new system and get on with your work.

take control of your files. and work with those files as if they are in the cloud. with file storage, you can save files to your own computer or to the cloud. you can also quickly open files using your mobile device. and you can view files through the cloud, wherever you go. you can even save images and scans to the cloud and get them back later to create professional-looking pdfs.

make life easier by sharing information with your own web browser. easily add text, links, images, videos, and other content to your pages. and see the results on your own computer or in any web browser. you can also easily view and share your work using your own device.

make work go faster. produce professional-looking pages quickly and with confidence. specify and apply layout styles that you can use on every page, throughout the document. and create layouts in just minutes.

create professional-looking output with dtp tools. use adobe® indesign® cc1 to create and edit vector graphics. design print layouts for the largest-format printers. and build hyperlinks and databases.[3264bit[latest[updated-2022321