Red Giant Knoll Light Factory 3.2.1 For Photoshop CS6,5,4,3

open the knoll light factory 3.2.1. the default setting should be your image file. if your image file is in cmyk, you will have to convert it to rgb first. this is accomplished by opening the dialog box at the top of the plugin and clicking the rgb button. if your image is already in rgb, you can skip to the next step.

click the „add tint”, „add obscurity”, „add tint & obscurity”, or „add strobe” option depending on which effect you want to apply. for this tutorial we will use the „add tint” option. a flare that is tinted adds a very surreal and dreamlike atmosphere to an image. some images can benefit from having their entire foreground tinted, while others may work better with a slightly more subtle tint. to tint, click on the „tint” color picker and select a color for the effect. there are plenty of colors to choose from. you can even use a color picker to change the tint a little, or to create your own tint. if you do not see the picker, click the „add tint” button. tinting the foreground tint your image color will change the background.

you can change the tint by using the color picker to select a color and clicking the „change tint” button. to change the tint to a slightly different color, click the „change tint” button and use the „set tint” slider to adjust the tint. to change the tint a little, click the „change tint” button and use the „change tint” slider to adjust the tint.

red giant’s light factory is a great tool for lens flare effects. you can create flares from the ground up. the program also comes with a large number of textures which you can use to create the look you want. the lens flare effect allows you to adjust the density, strength, and direction of the flare. there are also many different lens flare options to choose from. there is also an option to add stars, suns, and sunflares. you can choose the intensity, color, diameter, and the size of each star/sun and sun flare. you can adjust the size and the placement of the stars, sunflares and sunstars. lastly, you can make the stars/sunflares move.