Vray 1.50 SP2 For 3ds Max 2009 64 32-bit

c) we are going to add one node with our two new passes. in this case i use the vrayshading node. set the passes to shading 1, 2 and 3. i set the shader type to smooth, but you can set it to flat, or any other. now we are going to select shading 1, 2, and 3. in the settings tab we are going to check the sub pass and in the sub pass we are going to set the first node as color and the second node as alpha. in this case we are going to select our shuffle node and set the input to color channels as rgb and the output to the alpha channel. so we are going to set this:

d) then we have to connect the two pass to the two nodes we added. to do that we first select the vrayshading node, then we are going to select the shading 1 node, then we are going to select the shading 2 node, and finally we are going to select the shading 3 node. now we are going to select the shading 1 node and set its output to the rgb channels and the input to the shading 2 node as input. now we are going to do the same for the shading 2 node, and then the shading 3 node. note that if you do not have the shading 1 node selected, this is not going to work.

to make v-ray work with 3ds max, you need to put the vray plugins into the 3ds max plugin folder. to do this, use the 3ds max file manager. find the directory called „bin” (or bin for the 64 bit version). inside this directory is a folder called „plugins”. you will see folders with names like „32-bit” and „64-bit”. you have to put the vray plugins into one of these folders. in this case you should put them into the „64-bit” folder. to make this change, right click on the „bin” folder in the 3ds max file manager and choose „properties”. you will see a list of all the plugins that are installed. find the „vrayplugins” item and double click it. this will open the plugin properties dialog, which will allow you to change the plugins folder location.